Friday, February 8, 2013

My Statement

It seems I do not know how to embed a video AND create text in the same post, so here is my commentary:

What is this "greatest country" it a contest? Who decides what 'greatest' means anyway? Don't all countries have some good things, and some things that perhaps aren't so good? Don't nations, like people, change as they grow? Patriotism goes way overboard in the United States. It's irrational and unrealistic and it's also extremely arrogant to say "This is the greatest country in the world" and especially to believe it just because you hear it so much, or because you feel we are superior to everyone else in the world. Why this is touted so often by those who call themselves Christians, I don't know. This idea in no way is a tenet of the teachings of Jesus.

The only things worth defending in this country are the magnificent land and the people themselves. The governmental system does not deserve to be defended or preserved. It's bloated, corrupted, greedy, grasping, over-centralized and bullying, and has sold out to corporations and special interest groups. It does not represent the will of the people who live here. It does not function in the best interests of the people who live here. It does not accurately reflect the limits of responsibility and balance of powers laid out in the constitution. It fosters fear, resource greed and wastefulness, imperialism, xenophobia, arrogance, selfishness, divisiveness, inequality, and entitlement.

It is broken. Inevitably, it will fail.

 WOW! I do know am I inviting a rain of hell to fall upon me with this comment.

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