Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh dear

Allergies? A cold? Weakened immune system? Whichever, it's kept me from braving the cold, crisp air. And the thought of jogging in endless repetition around the hot, 1/7th mile track at the gym has kept me exercise-less, urgh. It's on my immediate to-do list...right after working on some chemistry homework, which I also haven't done. It's hard to think about electron pairs when your head hurts constantly :(

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So yesterday I did a quickie little jog around the development across the street - about 12 minutes and up some hills! then I rounded out the workout with some elliptical time to about 1/2 hour altogether. I had a headache (although not while working out, hmmm) and tons to do. More to do today, also....maybe I can ride my exercise bike while I study genetics! Surely I won't break a leg doing THAT! Just a little ex-rider humor there LOL

Sunday, November 3, 2013

the Park

Today I was finally one of those people who spend more time on the greenway jogging than walking. Yayyy!  Of course I was going pretty slowly, but that will change over time. At least I'm not heaving with every single solitary breath! I've noticed I tend to get (short) second wind recovery at ~12 minutes, and again at ~25 minutes (there were a few 2-minute walking breaks in there), and ~32. There may have been more but those I noticed particularly.

Distance:  ~4.25 miles
Total time:    1 hour, or just under
Total time jogging:  45 minutes

Friday, November 1, 2013

Better, stronger, faster....

Ok, maybe not six million dollars but definitely a steady consistent increase in endurance and also, I believe, in pace.

Total time:   1 hour (added a little to the route)
Total time jogging:  45 minutes. Yeehaw!

Got the 5k to run on Nov 28 so it would be nice to get this time down, and if possible also do at least 3.1 miles a few times without any walking breaks. I think bumping up the route to 4.5 would be beneficial...gotta get the car out for that LOL!