Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Welcome 2014

I hope this year gets better as the months roll on. Because so far in less than 30 days I've been clobbered with the breakup of a year-long technically nonexistent relationship (still quite painful for all its ambiguous character) and a mistake due to trusting a business and the postal service that at this point appears to be costing me one thousand dollars. Well! Let's not do things by halves, shall we? Still on the list of problems that won't be fixed in the foreseeable future: A fridge that freezes the refrigeration section, property tax raise coming to an additional $50 a month, a long string of money before my bathroom can be used for anything other than brushing teeth, a crumbling asphalt driveway, and a lovable mutt racking up $200 monthly not including shots, lab work, and annual exams. WAIT! There is one more ongoing issue - my son is smoking, failing high school, and apparently thinks school is spelled skool.

Am I being punished? What I did - was it in this life or a past life, I wonder?