Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chick growth by the week

I figured the chicks were probably born some time April 4, spent April 5 in transit, then arrived at my post office branch at 3:30 a.m. April 6. The first week I kept them in two Rubbermaid-type totes with wood shavings topped by some newspaper. The larger babies were quickly kind of squished in that so an emergency project was called for.

Week one:

I fabricated a 33-inch by 4-foot (sort of) cardboard box with duct tape that didn't actually stick to the cardboard very well. The box will probably fall apart quickly but at least for the time being, they were contained safely as we worked on the new chicken baby enclosure in one of the haylofts out in the barn. 

Week two and the homemade box:  

End of Week four:

Goldie has yellow feathers on her legs - I don't know what breed she is. This must be the "free, exotic chick" included in my hatchery order LOL!

this one with the pompadour is Elvis!

Weeks 5 or 6, something like that:

The move out to the new coop shed! 

Finally, pix from today, May 24 - almost 2 months old: