Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Double Dippin' Banks

First, we bail out the banks for losing casino bets. Now, taxpayers again get the shaft as banks walkaway after starting foreclosures and kicking out the residents, then deciding NOT to finish the foreclosures, causing cities (i.e., taxpayers) to foot the bill for securing, maintaining, and/or demolishing the domicile.

Just as it seems they can't put us down any more, the banks find one more unprecedented way to demonstrate their disdain for the average citizen...obviously, the only real enlightenment is money grubbing on a vast scale and appalling greed and self-interest, at least according to these con men (and women, I'm not sexist) wearing suits. Armani suits, no doubt.


ha1ku said...

It is not disdain, in my opinion. It's greed. The bailout is probably this country's largest heist, completely sanctioned by the government.

Roz said...

Do you steal from people you respect? I wouldn't think so, but mayge I'm not greedy enough to know.

Roz said...

I do agree thought - the bailout(s) have pretty much transferred the bulk of the wealth in this country into the hands of a few (the wealth that wasn't already there, that is)