Friday, April 29, 2011


Who would have thought hail could demolish tiny baby tomato plants....? I just never thought about it before. Some had so many leaves severed I couldn't even find the little sproutlings. I hope they still have some for sale at the garden store.

The beets suffered but I'm eating 'em this weekend, anyway. Just maybe not the leaves.

The swiss chard and spinach are trying to recover.

The artichoke plant looks pretty devastated. It HAD tons of long, huge leaves. Sniff.

AND I have poison ivy all over the right side of my face. Lovely weekend coming up.

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amy said...

Hi Roz, so sorry about the hail damage to your garden. We suprisingly didn't see much hail, only maybe pea sized, but we saw the tornado that smashed Ringgold GA from our house. My parents had golf ball sized hail and they never even lost power. Weird how stuff works out that way. So glad to hear from someone close to home.