Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's funny how you can be happy or at least satisfied and accepting, for the most part. Then something happens or someone enters your life and turns it upside-down, and suddenly your dissatisfaction with those aspects of your life that aren't quite where you want them to be can irritate and chafe like ill-fitting shoes. Even when the inclusion of much new joy and discovery brings happiness of one sort, it can oddly also evoke unsuspected feelings of restriction and frustration at the same time. Does that mean forever happiness in the moment is a pipe dream? Or is that only caused by the addition of a faulty new gadget? Regardless, after one is lifted to heights of excitement and unexpected passion, later then inevitably crashing down to long since forgotten lows, eventually - At last! - equilibrium is regained. Finally, the soothing cadence of calm seas, gentle swells and mainly sunny skies are a balm to my fragile heart. Yet as relieved as I am at the passing of the storm, I am richer for my experience to the soaring summit which blinds in its brightness, and the turbulent caverns enclosing dark depths that lie beneath the surface. Alone again on an empty sea I can smile and see the beauty in the world. I am at last again at peace with myself.

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