Friday, December 27, 2013

Looking Back

What did I accomplish in 2013?

Rode a motorcycle by myself, for the first time. Which turned out to be the only time. LOL!
Broke my leg, got a cast, walked with crutches for a while, all also firsts.
Got addicted to World of Warcraft and leveled a warlock to 90.
Sadly said goodbye to the coolest cat ever, Hector.
Except when laid up with injury or illness, kept working out regularly throughout the year, even got jogging up to over a mile without a walking break and pushed my time down.
I got to play some fun games that won't be discussed on a G-rated blog ;).
Drank too much wine.
Finally stopped smoking, although sometimes I still want one. Briefly. Then a few minutes later it goes away. Eight years it took to say this with confidence.
Hiked lots of mountains and went to lots of Tennessee places I've never been to, or even heard about.
Didn't have enough to put up, but did enjoy some homegrown, organic fruits and veggies.
Learned a lot about egg bound chickens and dog allergies.
Watched my son become more grown up and teach himself how to script (code).
Failed to pass my organic chemistry class, but certainly learned a lot about organic chemistry.
Learned a great many low carb recipes.
Entered a 5K but didn't run in it. Sick!
Almost paid off my credit card then ran it way back up again. Sigh.

Made some new friends....but also lost a few, as well.

Realized and accepted the fact that our species will not stop drilling for oil, burning coal, and trashing our habitat. We seem to be much like the pest infections that eat all the available food and then die in vast numbers. Inevitable? Because I do believe that by now, the global effects of these actions are irrevocable. Consequences.....will most likely be rather dire. I wonder if I will live to see the worst, or if my son will have to face that alone, with his peers.


Hippo said...

So! Did you try the DomTom? Was it nice or are you currently in intensive care having your stomach pumped?

Gosh, If you can climb mountains, surely you could plant one foot in front of the other for five K's?

Try controlling your breathing when you jog. What you do is breath in over two strides and exhale over two strides. The idea, once you get going, is not to alter your breathing rate but adjust the length of your stride. So if it is easy going, you step out a bit, and if it is harder, say going up an incline, you step short. The important thing is to get into the rhythm so you do it all automatically and can then lose yourself in nice thoughts. If your breathing is all over the place, you will never get into the groove. Give it a try, I used to be able to run five k's in fifteen minutes like that (25 years ago!).

Roz said...

Unfortunately the DomTom ingredients are still washed and waiting for me on the counter....I started feeling quite horrible last night and frankly still do a bit. This sinus infection (now on 3rd round of antiobiotics) is kicking my butt. I am treating with tea and water and might try cocoa later. DomTom for the weekend perhaps?

I've been wondering about my breathing (not that I ever did 5 K in anything less than 24 minutes, even in high school!). I find when I'm going well, I have 2 or 3 strides to a breath, and so you're saying that's good? Maybe I should try to put in a bit more effort to make it 2 strides always, but there are some killer hills where I run!

Hippo said...

A slug of neat DomTom would clear your sinuses! A hot toddy made with real honey, whisky and lemon juice before going to bed will make you sweat it out while you sleep.

For me, four paces to each inhale and exhale works, maybe you have shorter legs and need to pedal faster!

Roz said...

I have no idea if the honey in my pantry is real honey... just recently read that fake honey is often being foisted off on us gullible americans LOL...

I do have short legs so 3 strides per breath to your 4 must mean sometimes I do REAL well! Do you run there in Angola? Seems a bit...wild...more like trail running mayhaps....and is it warm over there right now? It sure LOOKS comfy! I can't get my wood stove to burn fast enough this morning brrrr!

Roz said...

looked it up and I see Angola is so close to the Equator I guess it's ALWAYS warm there, mmmm nice....

Hippo said...

The honey in your cupboard should be fine. Tables spoon of honey, juice of half a lemon, tot of whisky, third of a cup of boiling water, stir and then sip it down while it is hot and then go to bed.

20 years of it being hot all the time can get a bit boring!

Roz said...

wait a minute, I thought there was supposed to be tea in there, too? ;)
I will probably try that tonight with tea. Or maybe whisky. Or perhaps both!

*grudgingly* I supposed no seasons could get a tad boring...but I'm glad here it doesn't go double digits below zero

Hippo said...

No tea, use whisky, or brandy, or dark rum if you prefer. Since you like red wine, you could also make a mulled wine (spiced wine, gluehwein) and reinforce it with a shot of brandy. Important is that the drink is hot and you go straight to bed. I usually take it with me to bed, snuggle in and read while sipping the drink before going to sleep.

Roz said...

wow I am so sorry I DIDN'T do that, as I was feeling better...but it took me 2 hours to fall asleep. Frack!

Hippo said...

All I can do, my dear little Roz, is advise. Sadly I cannot be there to encourage you into bed and gently feed the medicine down your neck!

I am glad you were feeling better.

Roz said...

ROFLMAO!! I apparently do at times need a babysitter of sorts :)

Hippo said...


ALL girls need a babysitter... of sorts.

This eGo e cigarette is the bee's knees, by the way.