Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Microgreens for all!

Fill a tray with moistened seed starter, but not all the way up to the top. 

I bought these seed specifically for microgreens....how they actually differ from regular seeds of carrots, basil, kale, etc, I do not know. I might grow some all the way this spring just to see what happens LOL

Carrots, beets, chard. Sow them rather thickly. These three all have a 16-25 day germination time. 

Sprinkle some more seed starter thinly on top, although the instruction sheet that came with the seeds said fine vermiculite would also work. 

This tray is sunflower seeds (germination rather fast for these) then two rows of basil (long germination time of 16+ days). I figure you can't get sick of basil microgreens but again, I'm wondering how the basil will differ from my usual basil seeds, also growing, which I could have taken a photo of but didn't. Hmm....

The other batches I did weren't covered with anything, but the instruction sheet advised using a plastic dome (which won't really work in this case) or a "towel" and somehow that seemed a bit ambiguous to me. I immediately thought damp paper towel...so I tried that on the front tray. Since the sheet doesn't actually say damp, I used a piece of dry paper towel on the back tray. Hopefully I will record the results from dry versus damp paper towel and share that here, too! Surely!

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