Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MORE babies! Homemade babies!

One hen decided she wanted to raise some chicks, so she hid in a nest way up high in the hayloft so I wouldn't find her.

She collected 9 eggs and shortly after I found the nest, hatched 7 babies! These will be a mix of buff Cochin and Austrolorp (unless other hens were also laying in this nest, but I kind of doubt it).

I am wondering if this is the same hen who raised the Ameraucana babies for me (see below photo for the prettiest one, Cheese!)or if it is a different hen.

All the Austrolorps look alike to me! I need to paint designs on them or something....

Here is a great photo of Goldie, the (currently) only rooster. Although with 7 home-hatched babies now here, we may have more roosters soon....

Also, a great photo of Nibbles, who is now an only dog. Sadie developed renal disease and we had to put her down eventually.

Thanks for sharing your life with us, Sadie girl! Hope you have LOTS of chickens to obsess over wherever you are now :)

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