Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I need to either work hard enough to fit into my size 10 clothes, or get rid of them. SO.....workouts without fail and no carbs, no sugar. I will allow myself those treats for 1 meal a week. Now the wine will be the hardest problem hmmm LOL!

It's 12 weeks until Christmas exactly (oh dear, I better start prepping my mental defenses for all those treats NOW) which means optimal weight loss of 1/2 pound a week could possibly place me at 179. That would be nice, but not a new size. So this is a long haul trip and I need to anticipate that. BRING IT!

Another 12 weeks would put me at March 18, for another 6 pound goal, landing at 173. Then another 12 weeks is at June 10, making a goal of 167. The next 12 weeks is September 2, for 161 (almost a year from now!). The following 12 weeks is November 25, for 155, and the final 12 weeks is February 17, 2016, at 150. WHEW. That is a little intimidating, but I need to do it or give up. RIGHT!!

For my own reference at least for a little bit, I'm keeping track of some tasty, low carb, no sugar

  • Can of tuna, halfway drained. Added some mayo, chopped raw onion, chopped cooked broccoli from the fridge, and Old Bay seasoning. Yummy and filling. 
  • Slice of low-carb bread (don't add the 2 teaspoons of sugar next time! it's too sweet!) topped with some cheese, toasted and melty mmm.

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