Sunday, December 7, 2014

The argument....

Is it more responsible to use handkerchiefs or a kleenex-type tissue? And what about the disgust factor? It took me a while to get over the thought that using handkerchief was rubbing your face in a palmful of previously snorted germs. But now that I have been using them for years, I like them better. A lot better. I have a slightly runny nose for only a few hours most mornings, then it usually clears up. I could go through a great many boxes of tissue that way over a year. Instead, I have a stash of handkerchiefs ready for use that are softer yet more durable, and I can carry one in my purse without it disintegrating if I haven't needed to use if for a few weeks, unlike a small package of tissues. I can use 1 for a week with minimal, normal stuffiness, or 1 in an hour, if I'm sick. Then in the washbin it goes and I get a fresh, clean one. My nose doesn't get all red and scratchy and I don't have to put out the money to buy the increasingly expensive boxes that still manage to run out just when you REALLY need them. I originally switched because I thought it was more environmentally friendly, but according to this recent article, the effect might be minimal. But I'm a handkerchief user for life, now, no matter what!

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