Monday, April 18, 2016

Food Frenzy

I gave the babies some sunflower microgreens, thinking their instincts would kick in because the stems resemble worms. It was hilarious! They grabbed the green but then didn't know quite what to do with them, so they ran around the box trying to keep the others from getting what they had! Crazy birds!

Also, more individual baby pix (sort of?). This is one of the Dark Cornish - I think. (the one in the front that is fully pictured). Cheetah and Leopard - although neither of them are very bold.

The silver gray dorkings I took a couple pictures of, none really demonstrate the cute black triangle on her head. Celeste and Hermione. 

Still need to get pix of Big Bertha and Beyonce, the Partridge Rocks. They are also not very brave, even though they are big!

And a curious cute yellow baby again just for fun! Except it turns out I don't have 3 buff Orphingtons - one of them is developing feathers on her feet, so I have no idea what she is. How exciting!

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