Saturday, May 23, 2009

Front garden quickie

The front of my house has more real sun than the back, but is on a main street. So I do a lot of container gardening, but also have started to amend the flowerbed soil and plant directly in it, too, like the artichokes. I think I planted them too close together...ah, well.

These front pototoes are part of an experiment to see A) where they grow better, back or front B) If you really get more yield the higher you hill them, and C) if there is enough sun right here to grow ANYTHING (if so, that decorative bush is gonna have to go!)

There is more planted here, but the pictures were really hard to identify (to the untutored eye, of course. I knew exactly what they were). There are 2 thriving cherry tomatoes, several peppers, a couple kale (for the chickens) and several celeriac. A couple asparagus crowns are here against the brick, some sunflowers, and lots of herbs on the steps. Also some very failed leeks that I am hoping will miraculously start growing. Hmm.

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