Thursday, May 21, 2009

green growing stuff

Okay, I have a garden full of green stuff that I'm not so inclined to year, I'm planting more things that I like! I need a good greens recipe...I guess not growing up being served such things, I don't really consider greens (except lettuce) food at all ...or else I haven't found a good enough recipe for my discerning palate.

Good things are in store eventually, though....garlic (almost up to my waist!), tomatoes thriving, brassicas doing the best they can in the shade (poor leggy things), and I hope all these potatoes make lots and lots of tubers (and I hope they store well)!

I have started celeriac (never tried it, too expensive at the store) and it seems to be pretty happy. I hope I like it! The cucumbers are growing, slowly, and even have a couple of blossoms. Some herbs are finally sprouting but I forgot what I planted! And I have one lone carrot. That's okay, I'll plant some more when we get back from Michigan. I did harvest one turnip but I need more to actually cook something! The beets are coming along fine.

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